Reporting to Parents

Reporting to Parents

Parents will receive two written reports each year. Both reports will tell parents how well their child is doing in reading, writing and mathematics in relation to National Standards. The standards show what children in New Zealand are expected to be able to do in reading, writing and mathematics at each period or year of schooling. the standards have been designed so that children who meet them are on track to gain NCEA Level 2.

Doing well in reading, writing and mathematics gives children the skills they need to be successful in other curriculum areas at school.

In their first three years at Ngaere School your child will receive an abbreviated report after 20 weeks (6 months), 60 weeks (1 and 1/2 years) and 100 weeks (2 1/2 years) at school and a full report at the end of their first, second and third year at school. this is called Anniversary Reporting. each of these reports will be folowed up with a face to face interview.

Children in Years 4 - 8 receive an interim written report at the end of term 2 and a full written report at the end of the year. The interim reports are accompanied by a parent - teacher interview.

To determine where each child is in relation to the National Standards teachers will make an overall teacher judgment (OTJ) using  a range of assessments, including:

  • what they have seen in the classroom
  • talking about learning with the children
  • children's assessment about their own and their peers work
  • results from tests

It is not expected that children will show all the skills or understandings for a level. Students start at different points and progress at different rates and ways from each other.


Parents can keep in touch with their child’s learning through informal contacts with the class teachers and through their child’s homework and workbooks.   Furthermore, teachers are happy to meet with parents at any other time by arrangement or via email. 


Please remember that we are in the business of teaching individual children. Comparing your child with others, especially brothers or sisters can be destructive .

 Reports are intended as a discussion document and as a catalyst for  celebration and improvement

At Ngaere School we believe that every day can be a reporting day.  Whether it’s an arranged time, an informal chat after school or a phone call , we are always happy to discuss any aspect of school life with you.