We have been an Enviroschool since 2016.

Our latest project will take a couple of years to see any results. We have planted the first of our fruit trees, mainly apples and pears but hope to have a plum and maybe another stone fruit before too long. We also planted a number of native plants - trees mainly although they will take a long time to grow! These will eventually form a bit of a shelter belt around the planned outdoor classroom using an unused area behind the school hall along side our court area.

We currently have 6 hens, (kindly donated by one of our children's grandad) and each class has named one as their own. They are just about to begin to lay (we hope!)

Our Enviro Group is a small but dedicated group who want to see everyone at Ngaere School become more environmentally aware. Their first goal is to reduce our waste significantly. Recycle bins have been introduced to each classroom with strict instructions as to wht goes inside them. All children are encouraged to take their own lunch wrappers etc. home and any food scraps go to the chooks or to feed the worms in the worm farm.

Watch this space...lots happening at Ngaere School!